Where Old King Cole Hangs


Thank you to Sonya O., with Only 100 Words, for providing our photo prompt this week.

After forty years of trying George and his won the lottery for two-hundred million dollars. With the time-warn phrase rattling in their heads – a fool and his money are soon parted – George and his wife set sail for England to see how soon that would be.

They leased an ancient castle for a lengthy time After hearing music, and searching stem to stern, they found Old King Cole and his fiddlers three belting a tune. So all six went to the parlor for song and dance, and a spot of tea.

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24 thoughts on “Where Old King Cole Hangs

  1. If you know what your url is and give that to me, I will be happy to link you up in the InLinkz grid so everyone can read your story. I personally couldn’t figure out what your wordpress blog address is.


  2. It must be great fun to see how quickly you can spend two-hundred million dollars! Fun story. 🙂 In the opening line ‘George and his’ what ‘won the lottery’? I’m assuming the word ‘wife’ should be in there. 🙂

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