True Love


You’re not able to see it from here, but the dove on the left has only one leg. Therefore, we call him Long John Silver. Though we are concerned the way he is continually knocked over during a feeding frenzy, it was not for us to interfere in the grand scheme of things. We accept the fact that he will probably never win a mate. But we are mistaken.

Early one evening the excited voices of two birds catch our attention. Mating season has arrived and he has found someone willing to overlook his handicap.

\While we watch, Long John Silver lands beside her with a twig clenched in his beak. No doubt they are discussing its use in nest-building.

Time is of the essence, and they soon depart. There is work to do.

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22 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Oh, good old Long John Silver. I just imagined a pigeon with a wooden leg, dragging it along Trafalgar Square as it makes that creepy screechy sound which causes hair stand on end. I think L.J.S. had a cratch, though, not a wooden leg. I might be confusing him with someone else.

    In any case, this is my long winded way of saying I liked this story!

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  2. Nice story. Even birds with a handicap can have a happy and satisfying life. Handicap does not define who you really are….It’s the person (or bird in this case) inside that’s important.

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