Mondays Finish the Story – Aug. 17th, 2015


“I see absolutely everything.”

“I’ve been keeping tabs on this city council room since ninety-two – that’s eighteen hundred and ninety-two. I’ve seen it all. They say walls got ears. Well they got eyes too. Things ran pretty smooth for better that a century – heavy on the pretty – ’cause there was a few wars and the Great Depression (some of them councilmen took that depression pretty seriously. Never saw ’em again).

“Back fifteen years ago Councilman Jones was doing some racketeering in here. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I watched him do the mayor’s wife on that there conference table. I was gonna stay mum, but then he put out bids for tearing out all this Bird Maple panel, and going with dry wall.

“I’m gonna blow the whistle on him. He won’t pay rent for a while after I done.”

148 words

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