Fate? I Don’t Think So.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Que Sera Sera.”

In my humble opinion fate is the result of acting on a poorly executed plan, or no plan at all. Of course, there are always exceptions, especially if you are planning to play with the big dogs.

I once knew a man who owned a modest rock quarry. He scrapped along, making a decent living for his family. His future was as secure as one can ever hope to find. Then there came the opportunity to work a large project less than a quarter-mile away. There was a fortune to be made. He calculated his costs – extraction of the product, crushing, delivery, fuel, taxes, labor, and then went to a banker with his pitch. The banker bought his plan and my friend went heavily into debt – millions of dollars.

He was ready on the day the project began receiving rock. However, a giant in the rock crushing world, from up the road some ten miles, appeared on the scene with a convoy of loaded dump trucks. He offered the contractor all the rock they could use at a price one dollar per yard less than the calculations my friend had taken to the bank.

He was unable to compete. Within nine3ty days he was no longer a threat to the company up the road.

There are times when it seems fate is at the doorstep waiting. It seemed so, for my friend, but he might have avoided his “fate” had he anticipated what the big dogs could afford to do to unwanted competition, and countered it with a plan of his own.

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