The Sequential History of How Tanglewood Came To Be – Part Ten


The Sequential History of How Tanglewood Came To Be – Part Ten

The spring was very cold and backward and we had neither hay nor straw. We fed corn and let the horses and cattle eat haisel brush and also let them brouse the tree tops that we cut doen for our house logs. Our stock all got through with the life but I can tell you they enjoyed the grass when it came and I can tell you also that when we got our house built we enjoyed a house of our own once more. By the time we were pretty well sued to corn bread for wheat bread was out of stile in those days. We had plenty of pork that we brought with us from Jasper CO and left at Indiantown but during the month of May it was all stolen but about 40 or 50 pounds. That left us in bad shape, hardly enough to give us a mess on Sunday morning. The old mottle fased farrow cow just gave us enough milk to cream our Red Root tea right good for that was all the kind of tea we could afford. Money was entirely out of the question, it was corn bread and Red Root tea for breakfast and Red Root tea and corn bread for dinner and both for supper. So after all we had a kind of variety.

Before long our hogs began to wander off for want of corn to feed them. They went down the slough until they got to Sugar creek and then the creek until they came to Iowa river and in the fall they were wild and they were all killed off but three, two shoats and there mother. The two smaller ones we killed for our meat and kept the old one. Well now I must go back to the corn bread experience. We choped in sod corn the first days of July which proved which proved rather late to mature but by the time it was in good rosting ears our supply of corn was exhausted. So we went to greating soft sod corn and when we got tired of that we shelled it and pounded it into hominy morter. So you see we still had a variety.

[Note: This journal was generated by the youngest son, Robert. He often refers to Bro David. Bro David was my great grandfather. And while reading this text I marvel that I came to be.]