At First He was Creepy

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

Sarah, one of our granddaughters, is into everything animals, especially reptiles. A couple of years back she and her boyfriend were rearing a herd of lizards and a young boa in an apartment, actually hatched out a few offspring. In the midst of this activity a neighbor set off a fire alarm and everyone was hustled into the winter street in their robes and whatnot.

Without a doubt, the project was being done on the sly until Chase, the boyfriend, asked a fireman who soon they could go back in because they “snakes and shit up there”. I didn’t learn the outcome of Chases’ announcement, but her fascination with the cold-blooded creatures is on the wane. All but one have either been re-homed or have perished, and her mother watches over Jack, as we have come to know him.

I’ve become better acquainted with Jack. This morning he was asleep, but when I spoke to him he quickly cocked his head to see if I’d brought him crickets, or if I was just wasting his time. I was doing the latter. So I took the opportunity to snap his likeness.


The gray filmy stuff on his head is his new wardrobe.

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      • Oooo. Hard to coexist with rattlesnakes. My neighbors had one coiled in their skylight and another in their garden. So far I’ve been lucky. Wild mountains right above us and both have overgrown houseless lots next door to us. Might as well live in South Dakota, where in the past there would be migrations of hundreds of rattlesnakes through town. I think they were moving from a butte north of town to one south of town. Nope, don’t know why. I believe it was before I was born.

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