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I don’t spend much time thinking or arguing about what the United States Supreme Court does, or doesn’t do. In the first place there’s little there to hold my interest, second: there’s not much I can do about their decisions beyond going into cardiac arrest. So I turn my attention to things over which I have some control – what I’ll have for breakfast, when I should go to bed, which novel I’ll read next, etc..

I am a Christian, a man of faith. I have no beef with those who believe otherwise. But there are a few things that rub me the wrong way. Below, I’ve highlighted what currently gets under my skin, a paragraph from a news article – Blog AFP. I may be wrong, but the word blog tells me that this article may also contain some personal opinion — just like mine, Scott’s Place



Two Republican presidential candidates — Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee — have rushed to defend the county official, even though legal experts say the born-again Christian was clearly in the wrong to refuse to carry out official duties in the name of her faith.

Huckabee, a former Baptist preacher, was at Davis’ side when the bespectacled 49-year-old emerged from jail in Kentucky Tuesday after five days behind bars for contempt of court, having refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


In my humble opinion, Huckabee is free to do whatever he likes after he no longer heads up a church, or leads a flock. But until he’s taken certain steps to become an UN-Ordained Minister the term FORMER should never be uttered in the same breath.

To be numbered among those who are former preachers, whatever the denomination, he would have to have been cast from his lot by some higher authority. I don’t know how that was accomplished, but I have such a person in mind, Preacher Crane.

During my high school years I worked odd jobs for Preacher Crane, a former minister who earned his undoing, as I understand it, by sharing a bed with the wife of a member of his congregation. Needless to say, the congregation bounced him out ( don’t know how that was accomplished), and he earned the title of Former Preacher. Obviously, Huckabee is not guilty of any such thing.

We constantly read and hear about former Congressmen and Congresswoman, former CEOs of such and such corporations, former bank presidents, but we seldom hear about former preachers, nor should we.

In my opinion, a person who is ordained (or whatever term is used in other faiths) has earned an inside track with God, and he should carry that to his grave.

4 thoughts on “Former Preacher

  1. I have a problem with the bespectacled lady. She is going against the law by choosing not to perform a duty of her job. Therefore, she should remove herself from her position. We must obey the duties of our elected officials as citizens. It will be up to God to judge those in our governing powers, accordingly. As for Mr. Mike, as an elected official he has failed to separate, church and state. That is a violation of our Constitution.

    So many things wrong with this whole enchilada.

    I’m having Grape-Nuts for breakfast. And three cups of coffee.

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    • Scott says:

      I agree. The simple solution for the bespectacled lady would be to rescue herself and remove her name from that application.

      And for the couples. If I were in that frame of mind I would have gone to another county.

      I ignore as much of this as I can as well as the people who create these confrontations.

      We have too much access to instant communications. In my opinion.

      Grape-Nuts in Grapevine. It has a ring to it. 🙂

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