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The last three weeks have been touch and go for Barb. The doctors weren’t much help. The vomited the pills they gave her. A week ago Thursday I thought I was going to lose her. But I managed to get more chicken broth down her than was coming back up. so I made stayed with it. Yesterday she had her first solid food in almost two weeks. Today she had a pork chop. And we are nearly half way through our 53rd year.

So the grim reaper has gone elsewhere.

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    • Scott says:

      Thank you for your prayers.

      I’ve been trying to nail down what caused this to happen. Barb had her annual physical a few weeks back. The doctor ran a computer readout as long as my arm. She, the doctor, stated her kidneys needed some help and prescribed some pills. When I took her back a week or later when she was throwing up all over the place the doctor thought she was reacting to those new pills. So we stopped them, and she prescribed a pill to settle her stomach. Our pharmacist frown on the new pills, saying that Medicare would not pay for them because they were considered unsafe for seniors. So we stopped listening to the doctor and now she is where she was before the physical. We’re in tall cotton this morning.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your’s and Barb rough time. Caregiver is as stressful and depleting as the one who is sick. God bless you and Barb as you continue your path together. Just “cause” they doctors “don’t” make them God. Wisdom and discernment. Sounds like you are absolutely correct! Prayers lifted up for you and your beautiful bride, in Jesus Mighty, Healing Name!! Amen:)

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