A Telephone Alert

Yesterday, mid-afternoon, my telephone rang.  I was expecting a call, so I didn’t check the ID before answering. Had I realized ID indicated it as an “unidentified number ” I would have pressed the reject button. But, trusting me, I said: “hello”.  After learning this was not my friend, but an intruder, I wanted to get him off the phone. I should have simply pressed the disconnect button, but being the nice guy that I am, I listened out.

“Your computer is in great danger. Stop whatever you are doing and follow my instructions to prevent a serious problem,” he demanded.

By this time it was clear that he was reading a script, so I interrupted him.

“And if I don’t do as you say?”

“Your computer will crash!”

“Let it crash! I welcome the challenge, my friend!” I said, lying through my teeth. And then I pressed the disconnect button, sending him on his way.

It would be untrue if I were to say I dismissed this conversation. I continued editing my chapter, but with a heavy heart. He’d distracted me big time. I have the best virus protection Best Buy can offer, but recently six infections got under the wire and caused a host of problems. I don’t need more.

After an hour of stewing I faced the music, and recycled the power. These things often show themselves on power-up, but nothing showed its ugly face. This morning, through clenched teeth, I again powered up my computer and held my breather while I ran a scan. Nothing unusual. Everything seemed AOK.

So here I am, it’s 0928 hours, and thinking about this caller again. Have I learned to check the called ID before pressing the accept button? Would it have made any difference if I had?  Probably not.

Another train wreck narrowly avoided, I guess.

3 thoughts on “A Telephone Alert

  1. It is so frustrating. I’m on the Texas and the Federal program for, Do Not Call Lists. I contacted the State of Texas Attorney General’s office. I was sent a packet. I was to write the date, time and phone number, yada, yada…well needless to say, logging crap after I have paid to be put on the list was not something I am, or was willing to do. Yesterday I found a website online where you can report numbers. Sorry, Scott, I don’t recall the link. Google for it. If each and every one of us would do this, I think we’d have an effect upon the “system”. In the mean time, I want Rick Perry to refund my $20.00. Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen, I know.

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    • Scott says:

      Yes, and I could go on. If we’d had today’s medical while our kids were growing they might have all perished.

      Because the doctor has seen Barb for the same problem my call was diverted to the nurse. She will get back to us inside of 48 hours.

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      • Oh heavens! This is grossly misaligned.

        Never hesitate to call 911. We learned the hard way three years ago. I drove my husband to ER thinking that I could get him there faster than if we waited for the ambulance. We were told he would have to wait in line. My husband was literally moaning he was in so much pain. The waiting room was packed. Finally, in desperation I went back to the receptionist desk and asked, begged, for help. They told me we would simply have to wait our turn, but if we had come by ambulance we would have been seen immediately. A gentleman behind me stepped forward and started in on the receptionist, “Can you people not see how desperate this situation is? This man is in serious condition!” She began telling him the same thing she told me…He literally took out his cell phone and called 911! He reported what was happening and requested an ambulance be brought IMMEDIATELY to ER at Grapevine. The police department asked him his location…”ER, Baylor, Grapevine!!!!!!
        All hell broke loose, people came from every corner, out of the woodwork and my husband was seen immediately.
        Don’t let anyone delay you. This is unbelievable, Scott. I’d call that danged office right back and ask them the name of the doctor’s attorney.
        Keep me posted. God bless you, two.


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