The Mountain

In a single microsecond an IED on an Afghanistan road turned Joe’s life upside down. Both legs severed a few inches below his hips meant a wheel chair for him. While at Walter-Reed, a fellow airman with similar injuries shared a photo of a mountain on his iPhone.

I’ll climb it if you will,” he challenged.

Two months later after being fitted with prosthesis legs they started painful weeks of difficult preparations.

Relying on each other, physically and mentally, we began the ascent. After two days with throbbing, bloody stumps they were on the summit – winners

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5 thoughts on “The Mountain

    • Scott says:

      I regret not being able to make make the proper connection. It’s okay.

      My father had a peg leg. I recall the way he suffered with his stump.

      I traveled from South Carolina to Oregon by train in 1957 on leave from the Air Force. I caught a cab to his little farm and found him putting a ceiling panel in place in a building. He’d kicked off his peg leg. It was laying in the corner. One crutch was under his arm, the other crutch was on his shoulder holding the plywood in place while he was nailing with his free hand. The was a tough old man.

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      • He sounds like he was a tough man! If you want to write stories for my flash fiction challenge, you need to follow this website:

        The only posts sent out from this site are the weekly challenge so you should follow it and request to receive it via email. This way you will know when my challenge posts go out.


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