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This is blog number one in my attempt to write a blog each day during the month of November.

As a member of member of the North Texas Rough Writers,I was a winner in the 2013 NaNoWriMo challenge, typing 50,112 words. It was not a walk in the park. One day I when I was mentally unable to kick-start my daily 1,700 task, I logged into Facebook and said as much. “Write anyway!” was the first response. I followed the command, and it worked. It got me over the hump, finishing a few hours short of the deadline.

As a result of so much typing my middle finger, left hand, went out of joint, and I finished the final two days two-fingering it on my iPad. A year later I still rely heavily on the iPad.

Since June 2015 I’ve been on and off about doing the entire NaNoWriMo challenge on my iPad. It wasn’t until mid-October that I found something worthy of the such an effort. I’ve found only two suitable writing apps – Pages and Google DOCS – that seem up to the task, or perhaps I should say that I somewhat trust to be totally compatible with my Open Office word processor and HP desktop.

Why not use the iCloud or Google DOCS Cloud? DOCS lost a chapter of a novel. I found it the next day. I suddenly appeared from nowhere, or so it seemed (probably my own fault). At any rate, I don’t relish fighting a system and a plot line at the same time. I like having total control of my stuff, at least as much control as one can have with a computer.

I might still try to play catch up with NaNoWriMo/iPad.

5 thoughts on “NaBlog One

    • Scott says:

      Thanks for your inquiry, Prakash. I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo this year. My wife and I are elderly and I’m her primary caregiver. My time is often shared, so I work on projects having no hard deadline.

      I’m putting together another wordpress blog at nnn7net. I call it Fiction. In addition, I write for several publications, mostly amateur radio related, fiction, focusing on the folks twisting the knobs rather than technical aspects.

      I switch back and forth between an iPad using a Pages app. Mostly, however, I rely on an old Windows 7 HP desktop and do my editing with Open Office.

      I wish you well on your November Challenge.

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      • I remember your mention about your wife sir.

        Nice to hear about another fiction blog and Writing definitely is a relief. It feels good to read about all the writing you do with available resources. You do are a motivation and inspiration to the younger generation like me. 🙂

        I am really happy to have reached your blog. Thank you so much for the wishes.

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