NaBlog Two.One

Day two. I succeeded in achieving yesterday’s goals – a blog and the first day of the NaNoWriMo Challenge with 1698 words. After spending the summer thrashing through subject matter, and deciding which one Had the best chance of becoming 50,000 words I decided on a first grade boy and his mother surviving World War II.

It came easy, and I stopped before I ran out of words. Without a doubt, I can run with it this morning.

Barb: On Thursday, week before last I took her in to see her doctor for the fourth visit that week. An EKG indicated her heart rate was at 150. I took her to ER where a heart specialist got the number down to 74. She stayed over night in the hospital while they checked for heart damage. There is none.

She’s home now with a bi-weekly home nurse visit and several doctor appointments. The goal is to repair a hidal hernia which apparently creating stress and is the root of the problem.

Things are looking good.


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