NaBlog Three / Why I Blog

Why do I blog? For many personal reasons, I suppose. For starters it time I spend with myself, sorting out yesterday’s events, and taking a peek at what lies ahead on any given day.

I’ve kept a paper journal for some thirty years. Much of it doesn’t make much sense, other than a running record of mood-swings. I may have not been aware of the mood-swing issue if it hadn’t been for a young man I met in Globe, Arizona.

Barb and I were on a road trip with no definite destination in mind. We were simply winging it, and we’d stopped at a city park on the outskirts of Globe for dinner. We’d brought a long a very small charcoal barbecue thing and I was in the midst of ruining a couple of hamburger patties when a young man arrived on a heavily laden bicycle. He was headed for his alumni at the University of Arkansas with two weeks to get there.

Are going to pedal the entire way?” I asked.

That’s the plan.”

Where’s your mirror?”

I don’t think I’ll need one,” he replied.

I think you will. This highway is traveled by many snow bird retires with motor homes who don’t have a clue where the right front corner of their vehicle is.”

He didn’t respond, so I continued. “I have a bicycle mirror in the car. I’ll loan it to you on one condition.”

That being?”

Email me every evening that you can so I can build an attitude graph.”

An attitude graph?”

Yes. After a day’s ride you will face different degrees of exhaustion. I want to grade each day with a scale of one to ten, and then build a line graph after you’ve reached the U of A.”

He consented and took the mirror along with my email address and a postal address for where to mail the mirror when he was finished.

He finished his trip and I made my graph. I was astounded. It looked like the skyline of Idaho’s Saw Tooth Mountains.

I published it in the Oregon Cycling Magazine. I have the copy in which it was featured, but please don’t ask where it is.

To answer your question: Why do I blog? I guess it gives me a better perception of what yesterday was like. That and $2.50 will buy an old fart’s day pass on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).

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6 thoughts on “NaBlog Three / Why I Blog

    • Scott says:

      Thank you. It is a wet autumn. We might need to get a riverboat before this is over. 🙂

      Barb is recovering. In fact she is with a home nurse while I type this. She has an appointment with the heart specialist this morning and another with a GI doctor on Friday. I’m guessing results of these appointments will lead to some surgery.

      Thanks for asking.

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  1. Scott says:

    You are too kind. I think we are okay. The doctor did an EKG today and said she looked pretty good. She goes back for a stress test next week – a four hour ordeal. I need to find a Starbucks where I can coffee up and write during that time.

    I took the NaNoWriMo 2015 challenge. I have 5133 words so far plus the three hundred I wrote at the doctor’s office. I was a winner in 2013, but dropped out last year.

    Thanks again.


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