NaBlog Four

This morning I turned on my iPad and got nothing but a blank screen. It wouldn’t respond to a hard reset. It wouldn’t respond to anything. It was broken, therefore so was I … with day three, 1700 plus words from yesterday’s NaNoWriMo 2015 waiting for a backup .. all was lost.

Barb and I follow the Bible study, reading the chapters and verses suggested in the study guide. In order to do it together I downloaded a Bible App that reads it aloud and we follow along.

Well, that was a double whammy – 1700 words gone along with the daily reading that kick starts our day. I looked at the apps for my Nexus 7, but nothing seemed suitable, so I kept monkeying around with the two buttons. So what, if I wiped out everything. Gone is gone, in my book.

Then it all came back. It was like my iPad had been out for coffee and lost track of the time.

Now I’m not sure I can trust it. Maybe I need to do my backup every couple hundred words. Maybe I need a new iPad. Maybe I need a yellow pencil!

4 thoughts on “NaBlog Four

  1. Scott says:

    Apparently it may be something in the operating system. I have 6939 words of my 50k done on the iPad. So I’m backing up with a flash drive a couple of times each day. I don’t know that I could catch up if I lost all those words.


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