A furniture swap at our house is underway. This goes here. That goes there. The entire adventure is the result of purchasing a new, larger dining table, but not one that takes charge of the entire room.

In order to make this work a smaller table from Garden Ridge must go. During the many months this table had been against the wall we’ve not given it a second glance.

Hey! There’s a drawer here that’s been against the wall. Did you know about the drawer?” I asked Barb.

No, I didn’t,” she responds and I detect less enthusiasm in her voice. And then I remember she is better organized. She knows where her stuff is.

Wow! Here’s a 4 GB flash drive still in the bubble pack. When did I buy this?”

She doesn’t say anything at first, and I await her response with abated breath.

Well, what do you plan to do with it?”

Keep it, of course.”

Then consider it re-gifted from you to thyself.”