A Raspberry Pi


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It’s been awhile, a year, perhaps, since I took an interest in the Raspberry Pi. My interest was rather short lived for two reasons:

I’m more interested in the inner workings of radios than computers, because I can work on them.
While rewriting the code for my B+ to accommodate an Ada fruit 2.5″x2″ monitor rather than the default television my Raspberry Pi computer went up in smoke (so much for getting into areas of which I don’t have a full understanding).

And then I suffered a few weeks of Shingles in my right eye, a situation that took me off the fast track big time. Taking pity on me, a neighbor offered to loan me his B+ until I was healed enough to go get a replacement of my own.

I’m a bit hesitant about borrowing other people’s stuff. Since I wasn’t on top of the world I feared I might ruin his computer too. So I sent him a text message telling him as much, and advising him that he could pick it up anytime that was convenient. He came by that afternoon.

I was truly under the weather with a throbbing eye and a face that looked as if I might infect the entire world if I so much as stepped outside. So my granddaughter came into my room and told me there was a guy on the front porch who was waiting for a Raspberry Pi.

“Okay,” I said, opening a drawer and retrieving his computer about the size of a pack of Lucky Strikes and handed it to her.

“THAT’S IT?” she blurted.

“Yeah, he’ll know.”

After she was gone I realized she expected something else. Pulling one over the younger generation made me smile.