Coyote Harley – Part Two

Frank not only began receiving a large monthly check, but he also received two-year’s back pay. Life was good. Rather than thumbing his way everyplace he went, he purchased a new VW Bug, bought a used travel trailer, outfitted himself with a new wardrobe.

But many of the fears still haunted him. He was still unable to cope with closed doors – cabinet, bathroom, or otherwise. His first project was to removed all them and store them under his trailer.

But after a few weeks autumn set in with winter on its heels. The draw to experience tropical temperatures of Hawaii became too great.

He met me at door one chilly morning with the title to his travel trailer.

“Sell everything. I’m going back to Hawaii.”

“Then we need to get you an email address,” I said.


“So you can tell me when you’re coming back home.”

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