So often when I hear the word features I immediately think of faces, some beautiful, others not quite so beautiful. But those not to beautiful faces sometimes tell a story – laugh lines, frowns, too much sun. I could go on.

Today Judy Dykstra-Brown published Beautiful Faces in response to Cee’s Black and White Challenge. The post sent me to my bookshelves in search of Edward Abbey’s description of an old man’s feet, a Tarahumara hitching a ride in the back of a pickup truck on his way to Creel, Mexico.

Alas! The search was short and successful – Abby’s Road, the chapter called Sierra Madre, page 84 … For those who are interested.

Near the bottom of the page Edward describes the most “…beat-up, cactus cured, fire-hardened feet he had ever seen on a human being.” There’s more, but for fear of infringing on Edward’s copyright, you’ll have to read the rest of it for yourself.

And there you have my borrowed thumbnail description of features.