I Can’t Stay Mad At You

Many of us have cherished at least one experience that stayed with us. We’d like to relive that experience for or any number of reasons. But in spite of that desire life and family responsibilities sometimes prevent that. Time passes. Sometimes a lot of time passes.

Then one day the opportunity is there and we seize it, but something is wrong. The rush we expected is not there. The joy has grown larger than life.

Nurturing a grudge is a different emotion – anger. It often starts with hurt feelings. If one addresses the issue early on, amends can be made and life goes on.

However, with the passage of time this grudge can grow into something larger than life. Unaddressed, it may become a cancer, devouring the one harboring these ugly emotions that have been replayed countless times.

A grudge becomes a parasite and will outlive its host if allowed to do so.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/i-cant-stay-mad-at-you/”>I Can’t Stay Mad at You</a>


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