Pencils and Keyboards


A decade ago I knew a writer who claimed she could write only with her laptop. She often took her computer to the North Oregon Coast, down to the water’s edge, taking a chance on getting salt and sand in the CD drive. I seldom went to the beach to write, but when I did I always used pencil and paper tablet. I only made notes. My serious work usually occurs in a motel room or at home.

In my humble opinion, people should not handicap themselves by abandoning their pencil skills for a keyboard. There is a time and place for both. For example, When I was first aware the US Navy was observing the Chinese man-made islands from an aircraft I saw they were making notes with pencils.

I’ve noticed Riley Central keeps a running paper journal as well as a daily blog. Though I’ve been keeping a paper journal for more than thirty years I’d not thought of publishing my scribbles. I probably won’t continue doing it on a regular basis, but I’m following his example today to see how it looks.

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