Goal Setting


I was a winner in the NaNoWriMo 2013 Challenge – typing 50,000 words in 30 days using an HP Desktop. But the activity left one finger on my left hand damaged. It kept popping out of joint. The doctor wasn’t much help. It was either surgery or find a different hobby. Neither option appealed to me. So I investigated the world of tablets.

The virtual keyboards seemed too small for my large fingers. But Since Nexus 7 offered VOX (voice input) with no additional app I took one home. I expected the device to come out of the box ready to use, but I was mistaken. Before I could begin I had to teach it a vocabulary. The temperature was pleasant, so I moved to the patio and read a novel to it. Not until the dogs started barking did it recognized only the sound of my voice. Only the sound of me shushing them was recorded.

Editing the extended pauses and mispronunciation was a project in itself. There had to be a better way. Heading back to the electronic store, Best Buy in this case, I purchased an iPad 2 and proceeded to learn two-finger typing (who said a fool and his money would soon be parted?).

Switching from a general keyboard to a virtual was not easy. I knew the rules state that typos must go uncorrected on the first draft. Just keep typing. But there should be some recognition of what word should have been there. Bottom line: I wasn’t ready for NaNoWriMo 2014.

Barb’s health began declining during September and October. In spite of taking over more household duties I was able to blog on a hit and miss basis. By November 2015 I’d typed several hundred thousand words on the iPad 2 virtual keyboard and acquired the skills necessary to compete. But her doctor visits, a trip to ER, a night stay in the hospital with a near heart attack, home nurse visits pulled me in many different directions. By the time I’d typed 14,452 words I was still on target – 1700 words per day – but I was loosing my focus. With my WordPress account putting NaNoWriMo aside was no big deal. I can finish that next spring.

My primary quest now is helping Barb regain her health. We are on track.

My secondary goal was to publish at least one post each day during November. This post will be number 38 in 27 days.

Up to this point I’ve emailed all my iPad data to my HP Desktop and saved it on a flash drive. So my third goal was to learn to trust iCloud. It read everything I can get my hands on. By paying closer attention to details and having faith in my machine I think I’ve succeeded.

Life is once again manageable.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear of Barb’s health issues and do hope she is doing much better. As for word recognition, it can be a help, but you sure have to pay attention to see what it thinks you are saying. I found this to be especially true when using voice recognition with my texting. Sometimes I don’t know where that stuff is coming from or why. I do always try to check before sending the message on its merry way.


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