The Luckiest Person

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

Thanksgiving dinner was not yet in the distant past when the rain we’d been expecting began. At first it was a drizzle much like we’d find along Oregon’s North Coast, or in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. But it didn’t stay that way long. By nightfall the rain was pounding. By bedtime there was no letup in the forecast.

Morning brought no change. Our home is on high ground. Flooding is never a concern. Such is not the case for our neighbors to the south, those living closer to Dallas. I was concerned for them and I wanted to switch on the television news, but first I needed permission.

Barb, my wife of nearly 54 years was cat napping, and she, I soon learned, shared my concern for our neighbors.

Long story short – Barb was the first person I encountered this wet morning. Count me as one of those more fortunate. The first person I met this morning is my best friend.

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