Humble Pie

I’ve been sort of blogging for longer than the name has existed. During the old Commodore 64 days we had newsgroups we could join – SIGSs (Special Interest Groups) – motorcycles, tennis, sports cars, radio, you name it. Some were on local dialup telephone BBSs. Others were pay-by-the-minute Watts numbers that connected to large mainframes in Vienna, Virginia, unavailable until after business hours.

I invested time searching various subjects. Sometimes worthwhile things were shared. Other times the information gravitated toward contested opinions. Folks were often insulted, responding in ways they wouldn’t have in person.

When this happened a 1200 baud war sometimes resulted. I suppose after the tempers had cooled, and the dust had settled some of these participants had large portions of humble pie.

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4 thoughts on “Humble Pie

  1. Great post! My young nephew, a brainiac, would always ask for money at Christmas for his computer post office. He kept in touch with folks all over the world.

    He went on to become a developer of computer architecture, (software). He has a couple papers he’s written, internationally acknowledged. The thing I admire most; he serves our Lord!
    If you’d be interested, I could send you a link to a paper he co-authored while in school at FSU.


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