While rereading Moon’s Prairy Erth. I became enchanted when his search for Og, the Orient grade, a fabled railway that once crossed Chase County, Kansas. Rumors told that the Og followed the now abandoned Kansas 13, linking Kansas City Missouri with the north shore of the Sea of Cortez, thereby ships headed for the Orient. Moon failed in his search, but his effort reminded me of my cousin’s railroad.

Jim purchased one hundred acres, half wooded, half pastureland. Before turning his cattle in, he set out to inspect the fences. While following the fence line he came upon what appeared to be an abandoned railroad grade. Delaying his fence inspection, he walked the grade and discovered it petered out at the edge of the woods. The previous owner provided no clues, so Jim searched the Bates County Records.

He came to learn of a 19th Century businessman came to town promoting a new railroad, and was in search of investors while his road crew built the grade using draft horses and slips. When the time to accept delivery of ties and rails, the businessman was not to be found. He’d absconded with his investors money.

Is there a similarity here, or what?.


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