Barb, My Wife

Since the third week of September Barb’s been fighting a health problem that was eventually blamed on a hiatal hernia, something of which we were not familiar. As a result of this she’s been examined by four specialists and one surgeon. There was one more test – the insertion of another camera down her throat – that was to occur tomorrow morning. At first surgery was the only answer, but then after learning she had changed her eating habits And was getting along well they began to talk it down because she is 73.

After nearly 54 years with me she experienced a first-time seizure at near midnight Friday (it scared the crap out of me) and she was transported to ER by ambulance. She didn’t know who I was for a few of hours, but eventually, after some medication they gave her the option of going home or spending 24 hours in the hospital. Naturally, she wanted to go home. I wasn’t sure I could manage, but I could always call 911 a second time, so off we went and everything has seemed okay since.

We don’t know the official reason for this seizure, but I suspect it was brought on by stress – the net result of nearly ten weeks of ideas, probing, and whatnot.

Starting tomorrow she will revisit one specialist, the one she trusts, the one who initiated the sixty days of home nursing that created so many positive results. We will cancel the surgery and see if we can find some sort of norm.

If I’m not blogging I’m busy somewhere else for awhile. But I’ll be back.

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  1. Scott says:

    Thank you Damien, we’ve frequented the ER twice this week, but her cardiologist is getting a handle on it. This last trip, 9 Dec, we learned, was a med reaction.


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