The Joy In Reading


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I’ve read a good many books in my day. My taste changes with the wind, fiction and
As well as nonfiction. Still, I’m particular about how I invest my time. I know a lady, a retired nurse, who reads anything and everything. Once she starts a book she continues to the last page. Not me. I’ve set many books aside when the author has switches from story to fluff. So about a half-dozen years ago I switched to Kindle, an electronic reader. I’m no totally electronic. But close.

Some of the old classics have not been scanned, and perhaps never will. I keep many of these gems in my small library. I occasionally find them during my frequent visits to used book stores. There is something about the feel and the scent of old books that attracts me. As yet, I’ve found no parallel.

While a Kindle book is more affordable, but I must sift through the listings in search of something readable. Because e-publishing often bypasses the proofreader this sifting isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Sometime ago Kindle offered “Kindle Unlimited”, a list of several thousand books. Access costs only $10.81 per month, close to the cost of one paperback. Some authors add a book to this list in an effort to attract more readers to their other books. Others have yet to develop their writing skills.

I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited because it makes my reading enjoyment affordable.