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In the course of spending a lifetime with a person we share many stories again and again and again. Such is the case with Barb and I.

During the years of Barb’s youth there was no television on the Oregon Coast. And when it eventually became available there was only one channel. As a result many Saturday nights were enjoyed at the Egyptian Theater watching a movie. As a rule candy bars, soft drinks, and popcorn were part of the Saturday night norm. Her mother was headed for the concession and asked everyone what they wanted.

“What do you want, Barbara?” she a asked.

“U-NO.” Barb replied, her attention more on the movie than her mother’s question.

“I do not know. What do you want?”

By this time Barb realized what she’d asked and explained that U-NO was the name of the candy bar and everyone laughed.

Barb and I have been laughing at that workout joke for 50 years and we are still laughing.


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