Coffee and Other Joyful Things



Our Burley Tandem


Barb and Our Tandem Two’sDay  at Petrified Forest

I anticipate my morning coffee. We both do, but we are particular about it. Barb fine-tuned the brewing and we prefer our own. Starbucks and Duncan coffee both have a bitter flavor. On a one to ten scale, run-of-the-mill restaurant coffee rates one and Starbucks is ten – we prefer something in the order of eight, robust and full-flavored, not bitter. We’ve grown more critical over the past years since we began rationing ourselves to one cup per day. Personally, if
I ever have to go to decaf I’ll quit coffee altogether. Just like I stopped smoking 39 years ago.

It was a given that when my short, non-filtered Camels turned on me I would stop smoking. And they did, I did. It may have been the most important thing I ever did for myself, and Barb. As a non-smoker, I took up bicycling. We both did. Before a year had passed we graduated to an expensive Burley Tandem Bicycle.

There an old adage stating: “Wherever your marital relationship is headed, it will certainly arrive at its destination more quickly on a tandem.”


Propelling a tandem requires unfathomed cooperation, more than the average cyclist realizes. We didn’t have a clue. A steep hill – greater than ten percent – stood between our home and town. Pedaling our tandem to the summit was impossible until we had 250 miles behind us.

We learned a great deal about each other while we traveled that distance.

Afterwards, we were able to accomplish together what neither of us could do alone. Our success was so great that when we retired we wrote a check for $2700 for a Tandem Two’sDay that folded and fit in the rear hatch of our car. We were good to go.

During the subsequent years we drove to Williams, Arizona and pedaled the 60 miles to Grand Canyon. We crossed Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. We traveled Missouri’s Katy Trail. Not to mention the numerous overnight trips into Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.

In all, it was high adventure.

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  1. You had me with the coffee – I couldn’t agree more! I make my own in the mornings for the very same reasons – my stomach won’t tolerate the versions provided outside the home. And I loved that your partner in your adventure is your wife. Having your spouse as your best friend is the best. 🙂


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