Barb’s Update

A long period of time has passed,since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been busy. Barb’s health has been in a down spiral since September 2015. Numerous visits to physicians, specialists, and clinics seemed to help. But apparently these measures were only delays what was in the offing – a heart attack.

On 5 March we relocated from the Dallas area to the small town of Crossett, Arkansas. It was a good move. The neighbors are friendly, the weather is decent, and above all it is more affordable. However, shortly before midnight our first night she awoke me with severe chest pains. An ambulance transported her to the local emergency room where the physician on duty determined she was suffering a heart attack and transported her to the Arkansas Heart Hospital in Little Rock.

On the 7th she was fitted with a pacemaker and after she had stabilized we returned to our new home.

Two weeks later she suffered shortness of breath. After determining an excess of fluid around her heart she repeated the trip to the local ER and then another middle-of-the-night trip to Little Rock.

The physicians also discovered fluid around her lungs and began removing it. The removal process continued for about a week, so long that I’ve actually lost track of time. One day simply became another. Today is number 13 continuous at the Arkansas Heart Hospital. Yesterday the fluid removal was finished – somewhere in the order of 3 measured liters. This morning the oxygen was removed.

She’s weak after so many days in bed, but she’s now eating 3 squares, walking, and caring for her personal needs. We are hoping to head home Monday or Tuesday.

As for me, the 13 day stay has been more comfortable than I imagined it could possibly be. They fed me, gave me all the coffee and tea I wanted, and a pillow, blanket, and a semi-comfortable place to spend my nights near her bedside.

During these days I’ve read everything people have left behind the lobby. After exhausting that source I began downloading books from Project Gutenberg. However, creating something has been out of reach. My creativity has been a train wreck. Once home a few additional domestic duties will become my responsibility. I’ll get into the swing of it, and eventually I’ll build some speed.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear this, I’m glad that you have plans to be going home soon though. I’ll be thinking of the two of you, so please know that you’re receiving good vibes, prayers, thoughts from California.


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