Periodic Maintenance


Barb and I recently relocated a small, low-key, South East Arkansas town. Our home is near US 82, a highway carrying its share of truck traffic. Having logged a few years of long-hauling, traveling the lower 48 states and Canada, I’ve become critical of sounds trucks make, good and bad – tires, brakes, exhaust systems, engines, drive trains , and all the various components that propel a rig from point A to point B.

In spite of my best efforts I cannot avoid mentally cataloging the sounds they make as they pass my home. Generally, most of the larger over-the-road companies keep their equipment I decent condition. However, some the smaller “shoestring” fleets, those having won contracts by submitting the lowest low bid, may not provide the periodic maintenance necessary to meet even the most lax safety standards.

But that’s my opinion.

Unfortunately, everybody has an opinion. When I called Texas home a close friend told me that my opinion and a five dollar bill would get me to downtown Dallas on the train.