Razor Blades and Records

During the long winter 1957 I was stationed at Keesler AFB, Mississippi, attending Air Force electronic school. During my free time I often listened to a AM radio station located at Del Rio, Texas. After nearly 60 years I don’t recall what kind of music they played. I only recall that I liked it.

The management had sponsors to help with the overhead. Some of the stuff they hawked belonged to the station – razor blades and records. Their pitch for the records caught our interest: “Send us $5.95, cash, check, or money order, and we’ll send you 50 of the very same records you’ve listened to everyday.”

Bill, a friend who shared my musical interest and owned a record player, suggested that we send away for those records.

A couple of weeks passed before our Del Rio package arrived. Indeed, these WERE the very same records we’d been listening to all winter long. The groves were gone and so was the music.

And we were $5.95 smarter.