Tip And Other Things

About five years ago while visiting Barns And Noble I came across a display of books that had evidently fallen out of favor, books that were taking up valuable display space. In the stack I found Tip O’Neill and the Democratic Century. It was authored (or compiled) by John A. Farrell. Politics is not my chosen reading subject, but I did recall when Tip was Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

I’m a sucker for cheap reads when the subject matter touches on someone or something of whom I’m familiar, even vaguely. Besides, where else am I going to find 750 pages of text with an index for a couple of bucks. Now, after hauling this book from pillar to post for half-a-decade I’m reading it. But it’s not a leisure read.

I’m working my way toward the last page, augmenting it with two other books I bought from the sale table:

Yank,a compilation of texts from a magazine by the same name, a World War II history written by the enlisted men who were there and did it. It written by Steve Kluger.

The third book is 1919 by William K. Klingaman. It’s a close up look of the world as it was the year after the Great War, World War I (I found the sales receipt on this book dates February 1992.) My goodness.