Mr. Black Returns


The post-hospital rules stated that there were to be no pets during Barb’s healing period. So Mr. Black has been boarding with our daughter in Texas. Things have gone well, so she 300 miles to bring him home.

He has been with us eleven years. He settled in quickly. It was almost as though he had never been away. Of course, has no idea how much we’ve missed him during these past weeks.

I coaxed him to look at me as I snapped his likeness, but he was more concerned with the sound of a barking dog.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Black Returns

  1. He is a cutie Scott:) Staying with your daughter probably does feel like home (in a way). I am sure he misses you and Barb, but animals, like children, are so trusting to those who care and love them. I bet your daughter is spoiling him to the hilt! Prayers for you and Barb as you go through this “season” in Arkansas.

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  2. Scott says:

    Our daughter told me Mr. Black knew he was coming home. About 50 miles out he woke up and began smelling the air.


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