Arkansas Storms

Not since Barb and I rotated from the West Indies back Stateside in 1966 have we experienced what this Arkansas spring has offered – rain by the bucketfuls. I served in the Air Force ten years – Strategic Air Command. B-52s cannot operate from just anyplace. They need a very long concrete runway that is at least six feet thick. Therefore, most of us SAC people got no closer the Vietnam than Guam. But we heard the many stories. One still resonates after more than fifty years.

It may have been Zig Ziggler who was a Chaplin back in 1964. He was using the outdoor movie theater. The pressure was on. A severe storm was moving ever closer and the GIs who had come for the scheduled movie were waiting impatiently at the entryway while Zig hurried to finish his overtime sermon.

Glancing at the boiling clouds, Zig said: “Please Lord, just a few moments longer.” And the storm seemed to stall. Zig closed with a prayer and his group filed out as the moviegoers filed in.

“Not five minutes passed,” recounted Zig, “before the gully washer began. Sadly, there was no movie shown that night. Indeed, the Lord does move in mysterious ways.”