Train To Grand Canyon


Awaiting Passengers


Heading For Grand  Canyon


4 thoughts on “Train To Grand Canyon

    • Scott says:

      Yes, we’d driven to Williams, where the train was leaving from. We saw the train off and then set out for Grand Canyon. It was perhaps the most difficult 64 miles we ever experienced. There was no end to the hills.

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      • I drove cross country from Philly to southern California in the early 1980. Going through Colorado to Grand Canyon. The drive to Grand Canyon was a very long drive in the middle of nowhere! Traveling behind a school bus which stopped in the middle of nothing and let a few kids out who proceed to walk into the midst of smaller canyons, blew two city born and bred girls minds!! We just could not imagine!! We learned a lot about our big grand America from that drive cross country:) You are brave to do on bike. Death Valley near did us in!! Lol

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      • Scott says:

        Yes, but look at the memories you harbor as a result of that adventure. In 1945, weeks after World War II my mother and I traveled from Kansas City to Los Angeles. We followed Route 66 many years before it became the historic mother road. I still reflect on much of that adventure.

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