In 2002 Barb and I set out on a motorcycle adventure from Mexico to Eugene, Oregon. We were on an old Honda Thumper I bought for $100, following single tracks and Jeep roads. On our forth evening, about ten miles west of Searchlight, Nevada, the motorcycle stopped running. There was dirt in the carburetor. By the time I fixed the problem and got the machine running it was too late to press on, so we set up camp behind this fence in what was apparently an old horse corral. Barb was preparing the tent interior when I called her name. I snapped her photo as she asked me what I wanted.

2 thoughts on “Fences

  1. Gosh Scott, you two were quite adventurous!! Raised a “city” girl, I cannot even imagine. Good for you and Barb! Lots of memories to reflect on and share:) Hope you are both well. Blessings, denise


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