Writer’s Terms

I sold my first short story after crafting it a Sears portable in the 1960s. That was when I became familiar the terms Cut & Paste and Backup. But I didn’t think of them as such. They were just things I did.

My polished originals were mailed to publishers along with a SASE for their return, should they be rejected, as was often the case. Even those offering token payment or no reward at all were just quick to return a story. Sometimes they were returned with pages missing or damaged. Sometimes they bore coffee stains.

Any of the aforementioned conditions made Backup (carbon copies) a worthwhile endeavor.

Many folks consider Cut & Paste a term that came along with computers and word processors. Not true.

Often sentences or entire paragraphs need to be elsewhere. That was where the razor blade and tape came my best friends. I Physically removed the paragraph with the razor and tape it in where it belonged. Only then was the manuscript ready for a final retype and put into the mail.

But not before a Backup was achieved – carbon copies made and filed.