An Electric Car Race

One summer afternoon a dozen years ago Barb and I we discovered an electric car race that was about to commence. A science teacher at Willamette High School was the driving force behind this student project. Each participate was required to build his/her own car. While many cosmetic aspects were left up to individual taste, there were a few rules that had to be followed in order for a machine to qualify. Each vehicle had to use the same style motor and when it was finished the gross weight – driver, motor, body shell, and batteries could not exceed 220 pounds. While the immediate goal was to win the race, the school’s goal was to spark a larger interest in engineering. From what I saw that afternoon the school had succeeded in this quest.


Interior of one car while the batteries were being  charged.


A large trailer loaded with spare parts was on site. This fellow was

the one assigned to fetch needed parts.


This participate told me he would graduate that spring. He’d already

scholarship for Oregon State university the following autumn. The chrome

nose piece had come from an aircraft.