A Promise Fulfilled … Delayed


Since retiring 17 years ago I’ve acquired a few hobbies – motorcycles, bicycles, amateur radio, writing, WordPress, and sewing. Four or five years ago I made a bag for one of our daughters, Sonya. It wasn’t top notch as bags go, because I’m a self-taught seat-of-the-pants man sewer. She said she liked it. But what else would she tell dear old Dad? I assumed she hid it in the bottom of a drawer.


Last autumn she called to say her bag, after taking it to work every day, was nearly worn out.

“Do you want me to make you another one?”

“Would you?”

“Of course.”

So I began. But I was hardly beyond the thinking stage when Barb became ill. It was September and everything except Barb was postponed for the duration. By February she seemed to be getting better, but on March fifth she had a heart attack, then another one and then she had a seizure.

For 47 days she was in the hospital. I had time on my hands, enough time to finish Sonya’s bag ten times over. But I didn’t have the heart.

At last, three weeks ago today I brought Barb home. She’s recovering. She well enough I have time to collect my thoughts.

Last week I began on Sonya’s bag in earnest. I was going to do a crazy patch pattern. But the colors were all wrong. The longer I slaved over it the worse it became. Tuesday I came to a halt and considered tossing it in the trash and starting over. But before I stooped to such drastic measures I went in search of fabric I thought she might enjoy and then proceeded to cover this ugly thing up.

Now it’s finished. Tomorrow the postman will start toward her house with it.

Now I’m going to have to find something else to do.