The B-1 Bomber


Poncho Villa began crossing into the United States in earnest in March 1916, if my memory serves me correctly. He terrorized the entire border area from the Pacific Ocean to what was then known as Tejas. He did so over anytime he wished and he stayed as long as he wished. There seemed no defense against this man. Folks simply learned to stay clear of him. However, there was one stone yet unturned – The Aviation Corp of the United States Army.

Personal of what would later become the 44th Bomb Wing of the Strategic Air Command prepared their three-seater aircraft, the original B-1, for combat and took after him. The pilot worked the controls, the navigator kept an eye on Poncho, and the weapons officer hurled sticks of dynamite at the outlaw when told to do so.

But Poncho escaped back into Mexico on horseback and lived to return another day.