Another Wild Flower


An unknown flower adding color to the countryside.

Walking our dog usually involves following the same route. Mr. Black doesn’t mind the sameness of our routine. Perhaps he doesn’t even notice unless an unnoticed intruder has passed through the area during the night. But back to the flower business.

About July first a wild plant that I thought was little more than a tall weed produced buds. During the sunlight hours it displayed a blossom. As evening approached and the sun dropped behind a stand of trees the blossom closed up with only a bit of yellow bud left as a sentry, as it were.

The flower was cuter than beautiful, but that is the nature of many wild flowers. They simply add delightful color to the countryside.

This morning the flower on question went to seed and produced small dandelion-like lighter-than-air devices in order to send its species as far as the wind would allow. Obviously, time is a key element in this world of reproduction. I was hardly prepared for this rapid overnight change. I simply did the best I could in recording this fleeting moment.