You Have To Know What To Say


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A dozen years ago, give or take, I visited a local office supply store and invested a wad of cash in a new computer system – desktop XP, monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse, etc. I was startled by the size of the bottom line, so when the salesperson suggested a free replacement program for an affordable sum I bought it.

A few months down the road the monitor failed. I dialed the North Carolina number that was highlighted on the contract. They knew who I was and where I’d bought my stuff, but they weren’t going to replace or repair my monitor. End of conversation. I had no alternative but to take my contract and sales receipt to the office supply store where I’d purchased the monitor and plead my case.

The department manager with whom I dwelt was no longer at that store and no one else seem anxious to help me out. So I went up the chain of command to the general manager who happened to be a young pregnant lady who appeared to be about two weeks shy of delivery. Without a doubt she was having a bad day before I knocked on her door. I told her how badly I felt about dumping my troubles in her lap. By the time I finished my story she was angry.

She dialed the number and put the phone on speaker. When he began with his rhetoric she lit into him like only miserable pregnant lady can. And when she finished he said: Yes Ma’am.

Three days later a new monitor arrived via UPS.