QNC, The CW Journal (Part 1)


Illustration by Arnold Timm

Early in 1990 I began publishing QNC, a quarterly amateur radio journal focusing on Morse code and the people pounding the brass and twisting the knobs. Internet did not yet exist. The entire project was done on paper with the scores of submissions for hams around the world. It was printed at Kinkos and mailed through the US Post Office. A tremendous amount of labor went into QNC. In spite of the typos, I attracted readers in Canada, USA, Australia, Republic of South Africa, Germany, UK, and a host of other countries in Europe. It was never successful from a business standpoint. Printing and postage costs were through the roof. I always had to dig into my own pocket to make ends meet at the time of publication. But it was fun. After a few years the Internet came of age and I attempted to take QNC into the electronic age. Even though it was then free, it didn’t catch on like I’d hoped it would.

QNC is still alive on Yahoo Groups with hundreds of files that include circuits, radio tips, antenna and such. At last count 70-some readers and a website living under QSL. I suppose there were too many distractions, too many professional electronic publishers with whom QNC had to compete. At any rate it never got much traction.

However, it’s existence was helped along by the gifted efforts of Arnold Timm, a Minneapolis artist who often mailed me his drawings and poems free of charge and he even paid the postage. You can see in Timm’s illustration the code is too fast and the operator is unable to copy what his contact is telling him.

There are more of his illustrations that I will scan and share as time passes.