Participants In A Bike Rally


Bonham, Texas 2003

This rally attracted more than one hundred cyclists. The rides were broken up into different distances – 5 miles, 10 miles, 60 miles, and 100 miles, beginning here and ending here. Barb and I were already in our sixties, so we chose the doable 10 mile ride.

Riding a tandem bicycle redefines the word teamwork. For us it was, in the beginning, it was impossible. But after we learned the art of cooperation we could achieve what neither of us could do alone. A water stop set up about six miles into the ride. We stopped and while we were there I was chatting with a retired county deputy who possessed a keen sense of humor. A couple arrived. They were red-faced, winded, and exhausted. “How far have we ridden?” the lady gasped. “One mile. You’ve come one mile,” the deputy stated with a poker face. When he saw the desperate expression he told her the truth and then laughed.

We returned  from our 10 mile jaunt within in a short time. The couple in the photo arrived about two hours later, having finished the 100 mile ride. They were experienced and tough as horse shoes. I think if someone would have challenged them to a second hundred they would have accepted.