Early in March Barb and I relocated from North Texas to Southeast Arkansas. We were warned about the humidity. Having lived my youthful years in the humid Midwest I had experienced my share of humid summers when we had no air conditioning to take off the edge. However, in spite of my familiarity, I was not aware I could also SEE it.

My first time to see humidity was while Barb and I were riding a tandem bicycle on Missouri’s Katy Trail in 2002. We began our journey at the trail head at Clinton and pedaled east and rented a motel room in Boonville, Missouri.

We continued our trek shortly after sunrise, heading back into the muggy Missouri River Bottom. The sharp angle of the morning sun gave the air a silvery tint, a pleasant surprise I had not before noticed.

Often, as the sun announced another day, Barb and I have coffee and read a chapter in the Bible while enjoying the gift. For a brief time, minutes, the slanting sun gave the air a silvery glow.

I was pleased to see the camera captured that as well.