This is Rhyolite, Nevada, a small, petered out mining town at the edge of Death Valley, and a few miles from Beatty. Barb and I ventured here a few years ago – a dozen, perhaps – and found this fenced off casino. Without a doubt, there was a time when this was the place to be.

We were touring on a motorcycle from the northwest and knew little about the wildlife living here, so I asked Barb to keep an eye out while I snapped this photo.

The shutter had hardly snapped before Barb shouted: “SNAKE!”

The rules state that when encountering a snake you should remain calm and move slowly. I broke all the rules.

Fortunately, it was a bull snake on a hunting expedition.  He went his way as did we.




2 thoughts on “Snake!

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    • Scott says:

      I appreciate you concern. However, I’m a published author. This blog is a hobby, a journal for want of a better term. If I had folks swarming over my posts in numbers like you predict I wouldn’t have time to answer your comment. I want to keep this fun. Thanks anyway.


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