My Nexus 7

While participating in the 2013 NaNoWriMo I injured a finger on my right hand. I finished the challenge with about 50,250 words a day ahead of the deadline, but not without difficulty. So I went shopping for a voice activated tablet. I ended up purchasing a Nexus 7 and with it came a new learning curve.

I assumed it was a plug and play machine. It wasn’t. I had to teach it English. I did so by reading it a novel. While in the back yard doing this the dog, Mr. Black found a cat to bark at. I shushed him and then proceeded to find some means for editing out the barking. 

To my surprise there was none. It heard my voice only.
Short story made shorter, i discovered my speaking skills are lacking. So I resorted to using a stylus, pecking one letter at a time. That was okay. It was a change of pace. But I soon got an iPad to use as the workhorse. I still played around with the 7. It’s a fun machine.

Last week it acted as though it was infected with a virus. If I touched a P it might give me a 4. One of my daughters suggested purging everything down to the operating system, taking the virus with it. That sounded like a winner to me. And it seemed to work. But before I could be sure, everything I’d purged was back again – automatically downloaded from Google Drive. 

I purged it again and changed my email address. There was still an intermittent problem. One of my editors reminded me of YouTube. YouTube suggested, as a last resort, removing the cover and checking two keyboard plugs. 

Though I wasn’t able to wiggle anything I must have done something. It’s okay now.