Radio Adventures of Old

Recently, Old Time Radio has snagged my attention – the stories that plied the airwaves during my youth. The experience has been an adventure I will attempt to share.

Not so many weeks ago I posted my story of saving coupons from cattle feed supplement bags in order to earn a radio. I don’t recall how many points each coupon bore, nor do I remember how many points were required to earn a 5-tube Arvin radio. But it was mind-boggling. Wait! I’m getting ahead of myself. My radio story experience actually began in Southern California during the winter of 1945.

Before Christmas that year I rushed home from school each December evening to hear the next 15-minute segment of The Cinnamon Bear. And following that was Sergeant Preston and His Mighty Dog King. They were – still could be – on the edge of my chair experiences.

There were others just as entertaining, each in their own way – Henry Aldridge, Gang Busters, G-Men, Suspense, The Green Hornet, The Whistler (used to scare the crap of me), The Shadow Knows, Death Valley Days, The Six Shooter, and scores of others.

I’m certain today’s youth would not be willing to suspend their belief, to accept fleeting descriptions my protagonist described. In a Texas Rangers segment the Ranger entered a travel trailer with a search warrant. He spotted a battered chest-of-drawers in the corner. The color wasn’t important. I substituted a free, curbside chest I’d seen in Detroit. That worked for me. And we got on with the story.