A Hurricane Of Yesteryear

One of the Internet CNN meteorologist compared Hurricane Matthew with one that blew across the Caribbean 52 years ago.

I remember that one. Barb, or oldest daughter and myself weathered that one. It hit Ponce dead on and screamed throughout the night. Even our landlord came and spent the night with us. fearing his house was going to blow away.


Ramey AFB


Our aircraft were all moved to the mainland – Oklahoma, New York, and Maine before the storm arrived. The flight crew families and maintainers and families remained behind and took shelter.



We lived in a concrete house six miles from Ramey in a rented concrete house near Isabela.

The flight crew families as well as the maintainers and their families were left on the island. After arriving at their destinations the flight crews took turns call their families through MARS (Military Affiliate Radio Service).


The calls came in to MARS facility at Ramey and phone patches were made to each residents.