I’m reading a novel called The Other Side Of Midnight. It’s a window into the life of a psychic. How I came to select it is probably as strange as the story itself.

It as late, nearly time to hit the rack, but I wanted a diversion before I did that. I’d recently signed up for ebooks at the public library. Most of them are self-published and the absence of an editor is sometimes obvious. Again, I know nothing about the life of a psychic, but the use of the book is free. What did I have to lose?

I used to long-haul. I was on the road – lower 48 states and Canada – for six weeks at a time. The majority of those thousands of miles were traveled at night. The AM radio became my constant companion. Art Bell and his syndicated Coast-Coast AM broadcast from about midnight to dawn. As one station faded into the distance another station, word-for-word was available with a twist of the knob.

People were allowed to call in and Art didn’t always have a screener. The program could get pretty lively. But there were often serious issues.

A mother in Montana reported someone had stolen her car along with her two children. Weeks passed with a trace.

During the wee hours some weeks later a woman called from North Carolina claiming she was psychic and she knew where those children were. Art, a skilled talk host, let her talk until she revealed the kids and the car were at the bottom of a lake in Montana.

Police found the children in the backseat still with their seatbelts on.

True? I guess. I heard it and I listened to Art’s recall a few nights later.

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    • Scott says:

      Yes, this is how it played out. I don’t have an opinion on how this stuff works or even if it does. But I’m sure the police were all over that NC woman, thinking she was a party. But didn’t hear how it ended. And I still wonder.


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